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Shin Madou Monogatari Gaiden - The Golden Hero: Prologue - The Hero’s Advent!

“ Phew…...” With a thud, the young man sat down and leaned against the base of the great tree, flinging aside his bags under the bower. *rustle…!* The leaves, fully grown and at peak condition, rustle overhead. A complex web of branches extend out to let the verdant leaves show their vivid color, full of life and vigor. The gentle breeze brushes off the man’s sweat-dampened cheek, giving a cooling sensation to his heated body.

Satan's Space Amusement Park

Story by Yoshino Utako Art by Kome Ichigo Amitie and her friends, Arle, Ringo and also Carbuncle, were headed to the park to play, when suddenly Satan and Ecolo appear! It looks like Ecolo wants to play with Ringo, while Satan wants to play with Arle and Carbuncle. And they’ve decided to drag them into a strange amusement park! Why are they forcing them to visit a very dangerous amusement park!? Draco Centaur, Witch, and even Schezo are making their appearance! Satan & Ecolo Appear! A Special Amusement Park!? Strange Hospitality The Beauty Contest! The Peppy Clown’s Showtime Fear!? The Haunted Mansion The Queen!? The Mega Labyrinth! Decisive Battle! The Dark Prince and the Space-time Traveler Atop the Crescent Moon Let’s Play with Everyone! ♪ ( Translation Notes ) ( Download the Scans! ) 

SSAP - Translation Notes

What goes on when trying to translate Satan’s Space Amusement Park? Well, here’s some of the notes of whatever confusing joke passed by.

Satan’s Space Amusement Park Chapter 10 - Let’s Play with Everyone! ♪

Several days passed after the amusement park incident. I headed to the Primp Town park like usual, meeting up with my good friends. I promised to play with Arle and Ringo today~! ♪ Now what shall we do~? There's tag, hide-and-seek, catch...It'll all be fun when I play with everyone. As I excitedly made way to the park, Ringo's already there and waiting. I waved my hand to say 'hello' to her, only to be met with something materializing outta nowhere. Right by her, that black shadow came to my sights.

Satan’s Space Amusement Park Chapter 9 - Atop the Crescent Moon

"Alright Satan, haven't you learned enough!?" "You too Ecolo! I've had enough of your games!" The both of them scolded, Arle with a hand on her hip, and Ringo crossing her arms. Satan and Ecolo are right in front of them, both of them looking and feeling pretty sorry. Satan's down on his knees with a huge bump on the head, while Ecolo's nothing but the hovering space core thing on his chest. ...well, this is kinda surreal, actually.

Satan’s Space Amusement Park Chapter 8 - Decisive Battle! The Dark Prince and the Space-time Traveler!

Out of the maze and into safety, everyone was able to gather and meet. “Oh goodness. Why won’t they listen to why I needed to break down a labyrinth wall?” “Just because you say so, it doesn’t mean anyone else is allowed to! That’s illegal you know!” As Rulue grumbled and complained, Schezo was there to counter-argue. Meanwhile, Arle and Ringo took another peek at the stamp card to confirm where our next destination is... then an “Ah!” followed it.